Student Login

We have enhanced our login processes to make accessing ASMS and all BKI systems for your training even easier. Students will now be prompted to sign into our system via ‘Single Sign-On' or 'SSO' and prompt a Microsoft 365 login request to gain entry.

You will see a new 'Sign In with Single Sign-On' option in place of where you used to enter your Student ID number and ASMS password.

To ensure you prepared for this and can log in, make sure you know your BKI Student Email Address and Password.

Your email address will be your student number followed by either OR

For example:

Your password has been reset to a default password which will be the:

  • First letter in capitals of your first name and then
  • First letter in lowercase of your surname,
  • Followed by your full date of birth 8 digits eg: DDMMYYYY

For example: Jane Smith born 7 March 1995 new password will be: Js07031995.

* Please note you will not be asked to change your default password.

Once you have logged in you should now have access to the Student Portal page including all links to MyLearning and other student related platforms. If you continue to experience any problems, please contact IT Support on 03 9279 2200 or email

Below are some common errors that you may encounter when attempting to log in with the SSO service that should help you gain access to your Student ASMS Portal:

  1. Invalid Login - This can occur if:
    1. You do not have an active BKI student email.
    2. A teacher or other BKI staff member is already logged into the Staff ASMS portal on the same device and requires logging out before attempting Student ASMS log in.
    Ensure all Microsoft accounts, Staff, and Student ASMS portals have been logged out successfully, refresh the page and attempt to log in again. This is most important on shared devices. If the error continues, contact IT Support on 03 9279 2200 or email
  2. Microsoft 365 'Your account or password is incorrect' message - This can occur if:
    1. You have incorrectly entered your BKI Student email or password
    2. Your password requires resetting
    Double check your BKI Student email and password has been entered correctly. If the error continues, contact IT Support on 03 9279 2200 or email

If you urgently require access to the Student ASMS Portal, have tried the corrective steps above, and are waiting for IT Support to assist, you can always use the 'Alternative Sign In' option on the Student ASMS Portal home page. Using this method will enable you to log into the system as you did prior to the SSO service going live.

Note: All students should be using the SSO log in option. Please ensure you have followed up with IT Support to assist you in logging in for future entries into the Student ASMS Portal and easier access to your MyLearning:

This method requires you to use the below to access the Student ASMS Portal:

  1. Student Number: This is your 100xxxxxx or 200xxxxxx number supplied by BKI
    1. Example: 200345678
  2. Password: This is your date of birth in the format DDMMYY
    1. Example: 050302 (5 March 2002)

If you cannot log in using the 'Alternative Sign In' button, please contact ASMS Support on or your relevant teacher/mentor to assist you.